NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks sold for $US550m

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Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl says he’s selling the NBA team to an ownership group eager to keep the club in Milwaukee.


Kohl, a former US Senator, said he had agreed to sell the club to hedge-fund billionaires Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry.

Edens and Lasry will pay some $US550 million ($A590 million) for the club.

Kohl bought the team for $US18 million in 1985, and it was valued at $US405 million in January by Forbes – last among the league’s 30 clubs in the financial magazine’s rankings.

The Bucks have struggled on the court this season, and will finish the 2013-14 campaign on Wednesday with the worst record in the league.

But at least their new owners won’t be taking them to a more lucrative market, since Kohl was insistent that he wanted them to stay in Milwaukee.

The new owners have committed to contribute at least an additional $US100 million towards the development of a new arena in the city.

“My priority has always been and will continue to be keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee,” said Kohl, who reportedly will retain an ownership stake.

“This announcement reinforces that Milwaukee is and will continue to be the home of the Bucks. Wes and Marc agree, and they share my commitment to the long-term success of this franchise in Milwaukee.”

Edens and Lasry said in a statement they were “very excited” at the prospect of building the franchise.

“We are lifelong basketball fans who are committed to the success of the Bucks and the identity of the team as a part of the city of Milwaukee,” the new owners said.

The sale can be finalised once it is approved by the NBA Board of Governors.

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Euro-dollar flat as Yellen signals caution

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The US dollar has overcome early losses to end flat against the euro while the yen slipped back as Janet Yellen underscored the Federal Reserve’s cautious path forward.


At 2100 GMT on Wednesday (0700 AEST Thursday) the euro was at $US1.3815, compared to $US1.3813 late Tuesday. During the day it rose as high as $US1.3851 before succumbing to selling.

Helping the dollar’s rebound was confident talk from the Federal Reserve on growth slowly picking up after a harsh winter.

The Fed’s Beige Book regional report said most areas of the country were growing at a “modest or moderate” pace and credited the weather for much of the first quarter slowdown.

Separately, at the economic Club of New York, Fed Chair Yellen said the Fed saw the continued need for ultra-low rates well into next year and saw no threat from inflation, a reiteration of previous policy statements which affirmed the central bank’s cautious optimism on growth.

“The initial dovish rhetoric was balanced out with some discussion about when they actually would raise interest rates, of which mid-2015 seems to be the consensus,” Forex广西桑拿,’s Neil Gilbert said of Yellen’s speech.

“If anyone was looking for anything substantial, they were sorely disappointed as Yellen gave no more hints about much of anything.”

The yen fell but analysts said it immediately triggered buying, limiting the losses.

The US dollar was at 102.25 yen, up from 101.94 Tuesday.

The euro rose to 141.28 yen from 140.80.

The British pound gained to $US1.6795 from $US1.6726 after the British unemployment rate fell below 7.0 per cent, a five year low that comes as the country’s economic recovery gains pace.

“The UK labour market is improving and improving fast,” said Daniel Vernazza, economist at UniCredit Research.

“Employment rose a stellar 239,000 in the three months through February when compared to the three months to November.”

The US dollar meanwhile rose to 0.8818 Swiss franc from 0.8802 franc.

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Motorbike madness in two new Trials games

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Simple to learn, hard to master: that’s the Trials series in a nutshell.


You’re a man on a motorcycle. Accelerate, brake and lean. Two buttons and a joystick – that’s all there is to it.

But as every Trials fan knows, this simplicity is deceptive.

Things may start gentle enough, but within an hour or two, the devilishly difficult track design and unforgiving physics will have you twisting your controller in rage.

Trials HD punished gamers in 2009, and Trials Evolution took the challenge up a notch in 2012. Now we have Trials Fusion, a futuristic take on the motorbike madness that sticks closely to the formula.

Perhaps a little too closely. While it’s still a lot of fun, the series is beginning to look a little tired.

Despite the pretty new next-gen graphics and addition of a trick system, Fusion doesn’t really do much that Evolution didn’t.

Its tracks aren’t as memorable, and hardcore fans may be miffed that the challenge has, in fact, been dialled down a bit.

Also out this month is Trials Frontier, which brings the series to touch-screen mobile devices.

Set in the Wild West, it features shorter tracks but is still good fun. The controls work well and the graphics are great.

Unfortunately, the experience is undermined by a frustrating free-to-play model. That is, it’s free to download and play the first couple of hours, but you’ll soon need to start buying items and upgrades to continue.

OVERALL: Trials Fusion is heaps of fun, but doesn’t push the series forward in any major way. And Trials Frontier is an admirable experiment undermined by its payment model.

Trials Fusion is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Trials Frontier is available now for iOS and Android.

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First Heartbleed hacker arrested

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes was arrested at his London, Ontario home on Tuesday without incident.



He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday to face charges of mischief and unauthorized use of a computer to steal data from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)’s website.


“It is believed that Solis-Reyes was able to extract private information held by the CRA by exploiting the security vulnerability known as the Heartbleed Bug,” the RCMP said in a statement.


The suspect was tracked down within four days after what CRA Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud had described as a serious security breach.


Police said computer equipment was seized at the suspect’s home, and that the investigation is still ongoing.


The Canada Revenue Agency said 900 social insurance numbers — personal nine-digit codes required for working or accessing government benefits in Canada — had been stolen last week by “someone exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability.”


Its website was shuttered for several days over concerns about the Heartbleed bug.


It was rebooted over the weekend after a patch was installed.


The recently-discovered flaw in online-data scrambling software OpenSSL allows hackers to eavesdrop on online communications, steal data, impersonate websites and unlock encrypted data.


OpenSSL is commonly used to protect passwords, credit card numbers and other data sent via the Internet.


More than half of websites use the software, but not all versions have the same vulnerability, according to heartbleed广西桑拿,.


Cybersecurity firm Fox-It estimates that the vulnerability has existed for about two years, since the version of OpenSSL at issue was released.

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Barca facing first trophyless season in six years

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Coach Gerard Martino, in his first term in charge at the Nou Camp, was defiant after the 2-1 defeat at Valencia’s Mestalla stadium and suggested he intends to see out his contract, which runs to the end of next season.


A week ago, Barca were well placed to repeat their record treble of La Liga, Champions League and King’s Cup from 2008-09 but are now likely to end the campaign with nothing more than the season-opening Spanish Super Cup.

They were dumped out of Europe’s elite club competition by Atletico Madrid last Wednesday and crashed to a shock 1-0 La Liga defeat at Granada on Saturday that left them four points behind leaders Atletico with five games remaining.

“I am in profound pain because of the defeat and for the people who support us,” Martino said at a news conference after Gareth Bale scored a brilliant 85th-minute winner for Real in the latest ‘Clasico’ between the Spanish giants.

“This team has a long way to go and many positive things still to achieve,” added the Argentine.

“I am feeling as I have to feel in these situations when you suffer a defeat like this.

“I can’t imagine a defeat more painful but my future does not depend on this result.

“As I have been saying in recent weeks I don’t think my future will change because of everything we have lost, just as it wouldn’t if we had won.”

Martino’s immediate task is to lift the players, the majority of whom will be heading to the World Cup finals in Brazil starting in June, for the La Liga finale, starting with Sunday’s match at home to fourth-placed Athletic Bilbao.

“It has been a very hard week for us on all fronts but we have to pick ourselves up and keep aspiring to what we have left,” Martino said.

“We have to find the strength where it is now scarce. The league is not going in our favour but have to fight to the end because we have a right to, that’s what the maths says, but we cannot deny it has been a hard week.

“Today was a tough blow, our expectations for the match were very high.

“When you lose it is very difficult to single out players, I want to focus on the football the team played.

“Maybe we lacked depth but we had a lot of control. When we had the game in our grip we were hit on the counter and that made us lose the match.”

(Writing by Iain Rogers in Madrid, editing by Greg Stutchbury)

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Charge of racial hatred brought against Bob Dylan dismissed

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A French magistrate has dismissed charges against US folk legend Bob Dylan over remarks the singer made comparing the treatment of Serbs by Croats to the treatment of Jews by Nazis, his French lawyer says.


The case was brought by the Council of the Croat Community and Institutions of France (CRICCF) over Dylan’s remarks in a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone magazine that were also published in the magazine’s French edition.

In discussing race relations in the US, the 72-year-old singer said: “If you got a slave master or (Ku Klux) Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that. That stuff lingers to this day. Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.”

CRICCF filed a criminal complaint, accusing Dylan of being complicit in inciting racial hatred and public insults of a racial nature.

The complaint led to criminal charges, as is habitual in France, unless the accused denies the remarks.

But the investigating magistrate on Tuesday dismissed the charges, Dylan’s French lawyer Thierry Marembert said.

Marembert said the magistrate ruled the performer could not be held accountable for remarks published in France as he had not agreed to the interview given in the US being published in Rolling Stone’s French edition.

The magistrate did, however, uphold charges against the editor of the French edition of Rolling Stone, who faces a trial for inciting racial hatred and public insults of a racial nature as the publisher of the article.

The ethnic hostility between Serbs and Croats erupted again in the late 1980s, leading to a conflict after Croatia split from Yugoslavia in 1991.

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Lilley’s Jonah to air online all at once

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The ABC is appealing to its younger audience by releasing all six episodes of Chris Lilley’s latest mockumentary Jonah from Tonga online before it airs on TV.


Lilley has drained another comedy out of his successful 2007 Summer Heights Series with his new creation based on the delinquent schoolboy Jonah Takalua.

The comedy about Summer Heights High’s rebel Year 8 Tongan student will stream on ABC’s online player iView from May 2 to 4.

Jonah From Tonga will then launch on ABC1 on Wednesday, May 7 at 9pm and run for six weeks.

Last year Lilley starred in and wrote Ja’mie: Private School Girl, which was also a character from Summer Heights High, but it had only moderate success.

The strategy of first airing episodes online and releasing all episodes before being screened on TV isn’t new.

Earlier this year, the Nine Network made available online the first four episodes of its Australian made drama Love Child to 20,000 viewers.

In the US, Netflix released all 10 episodes of the second season of the Emmy award-winning production House of Cards available to its customers at once.

The ABC’s decision to provide all six episodes of Jonah From Tonga could have pitfalls.

The show is aimed at the “I want it now” generation of Australians who are internet savvy and are prepared to watch TV shows on tablets.

By making all episodes available at once could have a detrimental effect on the show’s television ratings.

Alternatively, word of mouth could do the opposite and significantly lift Lilley’s favour with the public.

Ja’mie Private School Girl launched with 924,000 viewers and by the third episode viewer numbers had dropped to 592,000 which was about where it stayed for the remainder of the series.

Lilley was confident the ABC’s new strategy would be a winner.

“People consume my shows in different ways – they get recorded and watched back later,” Lilley told Fairfax Media.

“It’s not like event television where you watch straight away to find out the MasterChef winner.”

If successful the ABC could start a trend away from the traditional television model, but not all broadcasters have been keen to jump on board.

Foxtel has copped flak for its release of the new Game of Thrones season that locks out local streaming services such as iTunes until the fourth series has aired in its entirety.

Companion broadcaster BBC3 will follow suit with their own binge weekend, with the entire series available on the popular BBC iPlayer.

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US oil prices flat following supply report

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Oil prices in New York have finished essentially flat as a bearish US oil inventory report offset concerns that rising political tensions in Ukraine could affect energy supplies.


US benchmark West Texas Intermediate for May delivery edged up by a penny to $US103.76 ($A111.23) a barrel on Wednesday on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

European benchmark Brent oil for June delivery advanced 24 cents to $US109.60 a barrel in London on the Intercontinental Exchange.

The political crisis over Ukraine propelled oil prices higher in the early part of the day.

An effort by Ukrainian forces to reassert control over the country’s eastern regions collapsed in the face of pro-Russian resistance, a day ahead of international talks in Geneva on the escalating crisis.

Traders fear that any full-scale armed conflict in the region would disrupt supplies and send oil and gas prices rocketing because Ukraine is a major conduit for Russian gas to Western Europe.

A failure of Thursday’s talks could also result in another round of western sanctions against Russia.

But US oil prices retreated from a one-month high after the release of the US Energy Information Administration’s weekly oil inventory report.

The EIA said commercial stocks rose 10 million barrels, far above the 1.5-million-barrel gain projected by analysts polled by The Wall Street Journal.

The EIA report was “quite bearish,” said Andy Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates, a Houston consultancy.

“It did indeed offset some of the geopolitical concerns over the confrontation we’ve seen in the Ukraine.”

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President apologises for Manila airport

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Philippine President Benigno Aquino has publicly apologised for air-conditioning failures at Manila airport, which has already been named by an online travel guide as the world’s worst.


The fresh debacle at Terminal 1, used by foreign airlines, came as millions of Filipinos begin travelling for the Easter holidays during one of the hottest months of the year.

“We ask for your pardon and patience,” Aquino said in remarks to reporters aired live on national television.

The transportation ministry also issued a separate public apology on Wednesday, on the eve of four-day Easter holidays in the Catholic Philippines that begin on Maundy Thursday.

The apologies came amid numerous complaints by irate travellers this week over inadequate air-conditioning in parts of the airport.

Aquino said the air-conditioning system of Terminal 1, the oldest of its passenger gateways, was undergoing rehabilitation and some units had to be shut off.

He said while the government had tendered for replacement parts in November, deliveries would start in August.

“With the strict rules of government. You cannot just order (an air-conditioning unit) today and have it delivered in just 30 days,” Aquino said as he made the rounds of Manila’s ports and air terminals for safety checks.

The Manila airport’s Terminal 1 was rated as the world’s worst as of 2013, for the second year in a row, by online travel website The Guide to Sleeping in Airports.

Travellers criticised its “dilapidated facilities”, dishonest airport workers – particularly taxi drivers – long waiting times and rude officials in the latest rating.

The website has yet to issue its 2014 rankings.

Manila airport authorities have been renovating the terminal, built in 1981, but say the ageing building is handling far more travellers than its intended capacity of six million a year.

Despite the official apologies, some critics were not mollified, using social media to vent their ire.

Senator Pia Cayetano, tweeting about the air-conditioning problem, said: “Did they have to wait for the president to find a solution?”

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Stuttering Man City held by bottom side Sunderland

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Everton suffered a surprise 3-2 home defeat by Crystal Palace at Goodison Park to hit their chances of a top-four finish.


Fernandinho got City off to the perfect start with a goal after two minutes, but Connor Wickham’s double put struggling Sunderland ahead before Samir Nasri snatched a late equaliser.

Manuel Pellegrini’s City stayed third in the table on 71 points from 33 matches, six behind leaders Liverpool with only one game in hand.

Goals from Jason Puncheon and Scott Dann gave Crystal Palace a 2-0 lead at Goodison Park before substitute Steven Naismith pulled a goal back for Everton.

Cameron Jerome’s strike restored Palace’s two-goal advantage before Kevin Mirallas grabbed a late consolation for Roberto Martinez’s side.

Everton’s defeat, which followed a run of seven wins in a row, left them on 66 points from 34 matches, a point adrift of fourth-placed Arsenal with four games remaining.

Having suffered a 3-2 defeat by leaders Liverpool on Sunday, Manuel Pellegrini’s City knew anything other than three points would seriously dent their title hopes and a slick passing move enabled Fernandinho to fire home after two minutes.

With talismanic midfielder Yaya Toure missing through injury, City lacked a cutting edge and Wickham was in the right place on 73 minutes to convert Emanuele Giaccherini’s left-wing cross and score his first Premier League goal since 2011.

City have won just twice in their last eight games against Sunderland and Wickham put Gus Poyet’s side in front on 83 minutes when he beat Joe Hart at his near post.

But Sunderland hopes of a shock victory ended when goalkeeper Vito Mannone spilled Nasri’s shot into his own net with two minutes remaining.

Palace, in search of their fourth consecutive league win, took the lead after 23 minutes when Yannick Bolasie escaped from left back Leighton Baines and put a cross into the box that Tim Howard failed to deal with and Puncheon applied the finish.

Winger Bolasie continued to be a nuisance and he gave Everton another scare when he smashed a 20-metre strike against the base of the post, but Tony Pulis’s were undeterred and they extended their advantage on 49 minutes when Dann headed in from a corner.

Martinez introduced Naismith in the hope of clawing a goal back and it worked as the Scottish striker poked the ball home on 61 minutes.

Jerome restored Palace’s two-goal cushion before Belgium winger Mirallas pulled a goal back for Everton when he clipped the ball past Julian Speroni to set up a grandstand finish but the visitors held on.

(Editing by Ed Osmond)

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