Fox Glacier plane crash to be reviewed

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The New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission will take a second look at its inquiry into a fatal 2010 plane crash at Fox Glacier.


All nine passengers on board, including two Australians, were killed when the Fletcher FU24 plane crashed shortly after take-off at the end of the runway at Fox Glacier airport on September 4, 2010.

Last month, TV3’s 3rd Degree program questioned TAIC’s investigation into the crash, which was completed in May 2012.

Former TAIC investigator Andrew McGregor told 3rd Degree the original investigation was flawed, and he felt there was enough evidence for the inquiry to be reopened.

The program questioned why parts of the plane were released to the owner and buried following the crash – suggesting authorities had not properly investigated the crash.

Among the parts buried was the plane’s control stick and cables.

At the time of the program, TAIC stood by its original investigation, but has since backtracked and decided to look into the matters raised at an inquest and by 3rd Degree.

TAIC’s communications manager, Peter Northcote, said the commission had taken custody of the wreckage and said how the process proceeded would depend on what the review finds.

He said the parties to the original investigation and the families of those killed in the crash would be kept informed and consulted where appropriate.

The original TAIC report found aircraft modifications and a failure to complete weight and balance calculations contributed to the fatal crash.

A coroner found the cause may never be fully known, but unrestrained passengers who shifted the balance in the overloaded plane probably contributed to the crash.

Two crew members had traces of cannabis in their system.

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