Books by female authors to read in April

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There’s a slew of terrific books by women, mainly aimed at women, that have been recently published:

STEPMOTHER LOVE, by Sally Collins, Simon & Schuster, $29.



Stepmother don’t have a good reputation. Who enslaved Cinderella? Who offered Snow White the poisonous apple?

When author Sally Collins, a banking executive with a background in psychology, became a stepmum of two young women she wanted to smash the wicked stepmother image.

Her book includes tales from 10 stepmothers who have one experience in common – they overcame grief, hostility and even lack of interest to build a loving, long-term relationship with their stepchildren.

YOU’RE STILL HOT TO ME, by Jean Kittson, Macmillan, $32.99

When comedian Jean Kittson hit menopause, she was amazed at what she didn’t know. That got her wondering why menopause is so little discussed.

Kittson has put together an easy-to-read, informative book that will help women learn to recognise the symptoms, get medical attention and find ways to combine menopause with work, parenting and sex.

EVERYDAY SEXISM, by Laura Bates, Simon & Schuster, $24.99

Journalist Laura Bates reached a tipping point after she was sexually harassed by a group of teenage boys on a London street in 2012. So she began a blog, called the Everyday Sexism Project, and invited women to share their personal experiences of sexism.

Peppered with contributions from the blog, the book examines issues including why sexism is an invisible problem; the position of women in politics, media and the workplace; girls and learning; motherhood; and the role of men.

BALANCING ACT, by Joanna Trollope, Doubleday, $32.99

Joanna Trollope’s latest novel is about the female breadwinner and family discord. This is the tale of Susie Moran, who works with her three daughters in the family business. All of these female entrepreneurs face the challenge of balancing their commitment to the business with their personal lives. The arrival of an unexpected family member from the past is the catalyst that forces them all to face up to where their real loyalties lie and what matters most to each of them.

ALL JOY AND NO FUN, by Jennifer Senior, Hachette Australia, $32.99

Award-winning journalist Jennifer Senior’s book about parenting is getting lots of buzz in the United States, Britain and Australia.

The author analyses the effects that having children has on their parents’ lives. She argues that changes in the last half-century have radically altered the roles of today’s parents, making their mandates more complex and far less clear.

The book shines a light on some of our culture’s most basic beliefs about parenthood and illuminates the profound ways in which children deepen and add purpose to our lives.

MOTHER KNOWS BEST, by photographer Alex Cearns, Penguin Australia, $19.99

This charming collection of animal photographs paired with quotes celebrates the happiness and humour of the relationships between mother and child.

Cearns is an award-winning pet and wildlife photographer who specialises in animal portraits under her Houndstooth Studio brand.

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